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Merry Fisher

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher and Marlin Ranges.

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher are synonymous with Jeanneau.  These great boats start from the Merry Fisher 605 through to the Merry Fisher 1095.

Merry Fisher 605

These fantastic boats offer real versatility at affordable prices.  They are renowned for their great design concept whilst keeping style and they do not compromise on performance.

Throughout the Merry Fisher range they have good sized cockpit areas ideal for family and socialising along with being an ideal fishing boat.

The Merry Fishers are now all fitted with outboard engines.  Outboard engines not only make for extremely economic running, but make it much, much quieter than the old diesel predecessors, not to mention the reduced maintenance costs of running an outboard.

On board the Merry Fisher ranges, they all offer the comfortable wheel house.  The wheel houses have unobstructed views of the horizon ahead and are perfect for shelter if needed and are for great relaxing areas.

wheel house

The 605 is a 3-4 berth with a forward cabin and convertible living space.  With her bench seats and table which face the helm she is great for coastal cruising for a small family or to take friends.

Moving on through the Merry Fisher range, the Merry Fisher 695 is a comfortable 4 berth with a separate head compartment.  This boat is a great starting boat for family and friends looking for weekend breaks away in comfort.  The wheel house has a comfortable convertible saloon table and seating along with a small galley.  The cockpit offers a great space for socialising which is opened up from the wheel house through sliding doors.

marlin 695


The 695 Marlin has all the essential elements of the line, however the Marlin range is adapted with fishing in mind featuring sunken walk around side decks and a larger cockpit areas, live bait tanks, rod holders, gunwale roller sea pump for deck washing amongst other features.



Jeanneau’s most popular model in the Merry Fisher to date was the merry Fisher 755 with her perfectly balanced interior and exterior volumes and her elegant design made the 755 among the purest Merry Fishers of the latest generation.  The Marlin 795 is still in production being as popular as ever with sunken walk around side decks on both sides and a larger cockpits with the live bait tanks and all the other keen fishermen necessities.

MF 795


Jeanneau in 2015 launched the superb Merry Fisher 795 to take over from the 755 and have certainly added some excellent and exciting additions to this most popular cruiser/fishing motorboat.


The penultimate in the Merry Fisher and Marlin range and in no way the least is Merry Fisher/Marlin 895.  This motorboat can be pretty much fitted to suit.  She is ideal for weekends away or indeed ideal for extended living time on board.  The 895 has 2 independent cabins offering space for comfort on board with a family.


The latest launched in the Merry Fisher range is the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1095.  Launched in 2018, this Merry Fisher is high in demand.  She has an option to have a third cabin either as storage space or as additional berth.





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Merry Fisher 605

The Merry Fisher 605 is a great boat for coastal cruising with the family or for going off fishing with friends!  As with all the Merry Fishers in the range, the design make her an eye catching boat on the water with her elongated lines.  The interior floods with natural light making the wheel house and saloon area a comfortable area to shelter from the grey skies when needed and the large windows of the wheel house give unobstructed views.
And the clever layout of this Merry Fisher 605 with her 3 to 4 berth offer comfort and functionality of the larger boats in the Merry Fisher range.

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Merry Fisher 695

The Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 is the latest addition to  the Merry Fisher range. The option list allows you to build a package to suit your requirements. Engine options from 100hp through to 175hp give not only a performance option , but also allow you to adjust a package to your budget without compromising on accommodation.

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Merry Fisher 695 Marlin

n the two-door configuration, the new Merry Fisher 695 Marlin is perfectly adapted for fishing. With the sliding glass door aft, well-protected side decks and deep cockpit, movement about the deck between the helm and the entirely open cockpit is safe and easy.
The Merry Fisher Marlin 695 offers maximized space on board, she features plenty of room for dedicated fishing equipment (live well, rod holders, gunwale roller, cutting board, fish well, deck wash down pump…).
The single-door configuration favors family cruising, with bench seating located just behind the wheelhouse, sheltered from the wind, and facing a comfortable cockpit saloon.

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Merry Fisher 795

Everyday pleasures.  The Merry Fisher 795 has been one of the New Generation Merry Fisher and supersedes the best selling Merry Fisher 755.  Whether on the exterior or the interior, her safety features (access, protection and ease of movement), and design details for enhanced comfort (cockpit seating facing the sea, cockpit saloon/sundeck) offer unmatched flexibility of use (modular cockpit design for fishing).
The Merry Fisher 795 is the perfectly balanced of interior and exterior volumes (interior/cockpit) and an elegant design place her among the purest Merry Fishers of the latest generation.

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Merry Fisher 755 Marlin

With an aggressive style (very comfortable and characteristic wheelhouse with side doors, 2 exterior cockpits and 2 deck layout configurations), the new Merry Fisher 795 Marlin is also a model of flexibility.
The choice of an outboard engine allows increased speeds (nearly 30 kts with 150 hp), reduced fuel consumption and controlled maintenance costs (new generation outboard engines).
Very much a fishing boat when in fishing configuration, very family-friendly in “comfort” configuration.

View Merry Fisher 755 Marlin

Merry Fisher 895

Destination : authentic cruising.
Designed for comfort, the Merry Fisher 895 combines innovative interior design solutions never before seen on a boat of 8 metres. Adapted for fuel-efficient cruising with an outboard engine, she features 2 independent cabins, wide glass surfaces and surprising ease of movement onboard for enhanced cruising pleasure. Innovative and attractive, the new Merry Fisher 855 is a true cruiser.

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Merry Fisher 875 Marlin

The Merry Fisher 895 Marlin features all the characteristics of an “SUV of the sea,” as Jeanneau envisions it.
It is in this spirit that she has been endowed with a contemporary design and distinct personality, excellent ergonomic design features, and extreme versatility.

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Merry Fisher 1095

The latest Merry Fisher to join the range is the Merry Fisher 1095, a fantastic family boat with her modular cockpit, recessed side deck, option for third cabin or extra storage and much more

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