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Jeanneau NC

Introducing the Jeanneau NC range, the original design of the NC line was to create a boat with a terrace for on the water.  Whilst aboard the boat, the living space  should be full of comforts with modular living spaces.

The exterior concept boasts latest designs and innovations with a clever distribution of space for life on board.

The NC is designed to suit many, with the lengths starting at 9 meters through to 14 meters.  The elegant silhouette and warm atmosphere the NC range opens a new market of family boats, at once reassuring and contemporary.


NC 9

Incorporating all the qualities that have made the NC 11 a success, the new NC 9 perfectly demonstrates the spirit of the line in a more compact model. Experience life at sea in a contemporary atmosphere, enjoy absolute comfort onboard and play with space in a modular design : all these pleasures combine in the NC 9!
A perfect synthesis of the NC concept, the new NC 9 is a revelation.

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NC 11

Designed by Garroni and Premorel Concept, the NC 11 is a totally new take on space and life aboard. 
Contemporary elegance is complemented by total transparency and seamless space. The modular internal features are restrained and comfortable: cabins, huge bathroom, saloon, storage…and more. Sterndrive transmission and carefully-chosen engine power are responsible design features. A sophisticated product that will appeal to true connoisseurs.
A panoramic view and a fully equipped helm station make coastal cruising easy and enjoyable. Z-drive twin engines make it even better. Bright natural lighting and excellent ventilation bring you closer to the elements.

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NC 14

Elegance, Luxury, Comfort
New Concept? The success of the new NC line has made an impact in the world of Jeanneau.
The original driving spirit behind the concept, “an apartment on the water, with a terrace and a sea view,» has been perfectly distilled into the NC 9 and NC 11, resulting in real enthusiasm for these “new” boats.
On the heels of this success, Jeanneau is bringing the concept to the new NC 14, aboard which luxurious elegance and comfort are matched by innovation.

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