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Jeanneau Sun Odyssey Range

Overview of Build

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range has become a bench mark for production cruising yachts.

The latest models epitomise the brand with the finest navel architects designing performance hulls and Jeanneau using the finest materials and cutting edge technology to produce them.

There are 6 models in the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range.  The Sun Odyssey 349 and 389 are designed by Marc Lombard.  The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419, 449, 479 and 519 are by Philipe Briand.  Both architects are well renown in the industry and highly regarded as the best in the business.


injection decks



Jeanneau were the first to develop the ‘Prisma’ process, a form of injection moulding to produce the decks.  This ground breaking process has zero emission, protecting the planet for future generations.  It is also 30% lighter and stronger than a traditional hand laid deck.



On Deck



Every Jeanneau boat has to be easy to sail, comfortable and safe.  The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range all have the primary winches set aft so the helmsman can control the sails single handed.

sailing SO


All the Sun Odyssey’s have twin wheels, this provides the maximum view of the sails and the way ahead but also makes access around the boat far easier with nothing to climb around.

The large bathing platforms give access to the sea and make boarding tenders far safer.

Large cockpit tables that act as hand holds and foot braces improve safety and enhance the cockpit life aboard.


bow sprit

The new bowsprits allow you to fly asymmetrical spinnakers or code zero without a pole, it also improves the position of the chain at anchor.







Below Decks

Every Jeanneau Sun Odyssey is built to have lots of natural light inside the boat.

Flush hatches, large windows and big hull ports are used to achieve this.

SO inside

At night LED lights, reading lights and floor lighting allow you to create and ambiance to suit your mood.

At the Nav station, the desks have ample storage for charts and books etc

Electric panels are also set at the Navigation station and incorporate 12v charging socket and digital display for batteries, water and diesel tanks.


All of the Sun Odyssey boats come in a range of cabin layouts that you can pick to suit your needs.  All cabins benefit from quality 5″ thick mattresses with machine washable covers.

Call us today to find the model for you and begin your adventure into the world of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey.


New Sun Odyssey 349

Trafford yachts are proud to announce the world debut of the Jeanneau Sun odyssey 349 New.
At Paris boat show this December French yacht builder Jeanneau unveil the brand new Sun Odyssey 349 new. This new and exciting boat is the entry level model for the now infamous range of performance cruising yachts.
Even from the first glance this hansom boat is most obviously a Sun Odyssey, beautiful lines that make the boat look fast even when at anchor, sleek coach roof with long running side windows to maximize cabin light are also shaped to match the bigger sister ships and twin wheel helm stations ensure a second look to confirm that is a 349 not a 379 or 409 model!

View New Sun Odyssey 349

Sun Odyssey 389

The Sun Odyssey 389 represents the perfect balance of ingredients that have made the Sun Odyssey range a success. The performance-oriented hull comes from the drawing boards of Marc Lombard.
Special attention was given to the ease of sail handling, the ergonomics and the modern aesthetics.

View Sun Odyssey 389

Sun Odyssey 419

Above all a yacht must be elegant with sharp lines and fine details. The new Philippe Briand designed Sun Odyssey 419 is not only elegant, but also built for speed. A modern hull with a hard chine and excellent stability makes the Sun Odyssey 419 a pleasure to sail.

View Sun Odyssey 419

Sun Odyssey 449

At first glance, she is clearly a Sun Odyssey. Moreover, the all-new Sun Odyssey 449 reflects the latest design trend that started with the Sun Odyssey 419. Dynamic lines, a hard chine on the hull, lots of hatches and windows along with bevelled edges on the deck combine to form a powerful and straight forward design from the pen of Philippe Briand.
But her natural beauty is more than skin deep. A closer look reveals an innovative deck plan that makes sailing easy. A Jeanneau is first, and foremost, for sailing. Three main concepts shape the Sun Odyssey 449: a fast, seaworthy sailboat, simple to use deck and sail plans and a high-quality interior.

View Sun Odyssey 449

Sun Odyssey 479

The newest addition to the Sun Odyssey line, the Sun Odyssey 479, benefits from the latest innovations and inherits the finest traits of this iconic line.
From the design cabinet of Philippe Briand, clean lines and an elongated hull with moderate freeboard give the Sun Odyssey 479 an extraordinary aesthetic value and performance.
Bathed in light, the interior affords the volume and comfort typically found on a 50-foot sailboat. Aboard the Sun Odyssey 479, you will find many principal attributes of her inspiration and “big sister” model, the 519.

View Sun Odyssey 479

Sun Odyssey 519

Drawing on the latest technological advances in naval architecture and design, the Sun Odyssey 519 embodies all the aspects a Jeanneau owner desires. Designed by Philippe Briand, the Sun Odyssey 519 combines timeless design, exceptional seaworthiness and unmatched comfort. The high-aspect ratio sail plan allows for a large selection of different sails.
The rig can be adapted to a variety of different types of sailing.

View Sun Odyssey 519