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Jeanneau Yachts is the flagship range of the famous Jeanneau brand. The range has three models the Jeanneau 54 Yacht new in 2015, the Jeanneau 57 Yacht and new in 2014 was the Jeanneau 64 Yacht.

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These fabulous Yachts share the same designer French naval architect Philippe Briand of Briand design, Philippe is renowned for his beautiful boats with their sleek lines and fast performance hulls.

The Jeanneau Yachts brand is built upon the tradition of Jeanneau itself, they have high quality fittings, engines, deck hardware winches and electronics from the world’s leading manufacturers coupled with the state of the art green manufacturing process of Jeanneau itself ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.

Jeanneau is part of one of the biggest boat building companies in the world, we use the buying power that this volume brings together with the very latest production technologies to help produce boats of unrivalled value for money without compromising on the beauty or function of any component giving our customers great value backed by a 5 years warranty on all our hulls, decks and superstructures worldwide.

All of the boats have a varied selection of interior layout options with master’s cabins forward or aft to you, and all have provision for a skipper’s cabin making the boats perfect for private owners and charter configurations.

Jeanneau Yachts also share an ease of handling that is not often associated with boats of this size, easy sail handling from in mast furling mainsails and furling genoas with electric assisted winches etc. make single handed sailing practical as well as enjoyable while large engines and bow thrusters plus 360 docking options make close quarters manoeuvring quite literally child’s play!

With choices of cabins, fabrics , floors and exterior trims and paints mean you can make your boat your own, plus for those with a specific requirement can look to our Custom Yacht department to have your boat exactly as you would like it.

Call us here at Trafford yachts to take your step into the world of Jeanneau Yachts soon.



Jeanneau Yacht 51

Welcome to the New Jeanneau 51
Enter into a world of Luxury and comfort onboard the new Jeanneau Yachts 51
Jeanneau have launched a new entry level model to the Yachts range, the new 51 joins the 54, 58 and 64 models in this prestigious line up.
The boat is a Philippe Briand design and the interior is by Andrew Winch, that’s a great pedigree for a boat that is set makes a massive impact on the 50 foot class of boats.
Her beautiful lines mean she will never go unnoticed wherever she goes
She has a huge cockpit that has been specifically designed to provide comfort and security for the passengers while allowing the skipper to handle the controls from the helm. Large storage capacity, long bench seats and cockpit table can cope with 8 people effortlessly.
Below decks the uncompromising use of fine woods, leather, and corian stone produce a finish that’s normally only found on custom build yachts.
Layout options from 3 cabin three heads to skipper cabins and utility rooms give the owner the opportunity to design the boat to fit his or her life style.
Full size appliances, large comfortable cabins, and self sufficient options like water makers and generators give you the capacity to stay at sea for extended periods.

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Jenneanneau 54

Welcome to the New Jeanneau 54
The Jeanneau yachts range is truly an innovation step forward.  As with all Jeanneau Yachts, she has luxury live ability with er Multi – part cockpit, an owner stateroom and flexible living with convertibility to suit many requirements whilst living on-board these luxury yachts.
The yacht is drawn by French Navel architect Philipe Briand.
The interior is designed by Andrew Winch who’s name is against many super yacht and Private jet interiors.
Together they have designed this beautiful boat brimming with never before seen innovations that combine to make life on board a true pleasure.
Every aspect of life on board has been considered and the Jeanneau experts have built her using the finest materials to make what has be, the new bench mark in her class

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Jeanneau 57

Welcome onboard the new Jeanneau 57
This elegant offshore cruiser offers an exceptional interior and deck plan designed by Vittorio Garroni with ease of handling in mind. Every detail has been conceived to offer the highest quality cruising experience.
Welcome to a new style of contemporary interior that reflects a long nautical heritage. Rich materials are found throughout including leather, blond teak flooring and stainless steel. Sleek windows and skylights bathe the interior in light.

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Jeanneau 64

Super Yacht Style
Born of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions.  Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal.
Every Jeanneau Yacht is designed to be a sailor’s boat, and the Jeanneau 64 is no exception.  This flagship is secure, fast, and enjoyable to sail.  Philippe Briand has delivered a modern hull that incorporates a hard chine for increased speed, stability, and interior volume.

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