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Trafford Yachts med Service  Mediterranean Service.

At Trafford yachts we understand that for many owners having their boat in the warm Mediterranean sunshine acting as both apartment and vessel is much of the appeal. Our bespoke service delivers your new boat ready to sail away in the Mediterranean with your personal and chandlery goods already aboard, we also send our people to do the work so that we can deliver the same high quality standards as we would if we were commissioning in our own yard here in England.

You simply come to us with your boxes of kit and we deliver them to the boat for you, this service saving long drives or expensive baggage fees on flights.

If you have a boat already in the Med we can still offer part exchange for you and arrange for your belongings to be moved from the old boat to your new one.

Our service won’t stop there, if you have a problem with the boat you call us, we then arrange for the issue to be sorted out, as well as having worldwide warranty on engines and electronics, we also have a network of people to call upon to help out, if we can’t get the repair done quickly by our trusted partners then we fly our technician out the boat and fix it for you ourselves.

No matter where you’re sailing, you can trust Trafford yachts to take care of your boating needs through our Mediterranean service department