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Who would be a Yacht Broker!

Tuesday 15th May 2018

01/04/2015, Dubrovnik (CRO), Jeanneau 54

Who would be a Yacht broker?

I swear that this is all true although it’s hard to believe!

After some tense weeks of working with the owner to overcome his pension plan refusing to give a date we got a solution and sent the haulier to pick up the new Jeanneau Yachts 54.

Being the May holidays in France every care was taken with permits and schedules planned around the bank holidays when big trucks are removed from the roads.

My Haulier called me to say that although his driver had the relevant permits he had been pulled over, fined and impounded. Not the start we had hoped for, he was told he would be grounded until Monday

The French authorities having changed the law to allow movements between the bank holidays to ease backlogs had decided it was not a good idea and so without notice changed it back again!

This meant that Thursday 17th of May would now be Sunday 20th earliest and we had lost our lift at the factory, the slot at yacht haven and may mean having to re book a whole load of contract work including a team of four from Holland coming to vinyl wrap the boat.

Russell Liaised with Jeanneau direct and called to say that he would try hard to get the ST Malo ferry Wednesday night and be with us Friday morning provided they made it in time.

I called PYH to ask if we could change the lift and was told they couldn’t say because Ian the yard manager had hurt his knee and gone of sick. Only Ian has the “book” and although we would be using the same hoist and there was the slot on Thursday we had not used they couldn’t say if we could change the booking or not and the first new slot was in June!

 Russell from Coast to Coast who moves all our boats by road said he would cross a few tees and dot the eyes to avoid any further issues, he first called Devon Police to advise he would be coming with his escort vehicle and checked nothing was to impede the delivery.

Devon Police exceptional convoy department advised that not only would he now need a 3 car Police escort (£60 hr per car) due to the beam being 12cm too wide (4.8m no rules) but they have decided to closed the M5,A30,A38 to all exceptional loads because of the Devon county show at Exeter from the 17th to the 20th of May.

This was not the news we wanted at all

Russell then sent an escort car to check the rout for temporary roadwork’s etc that may cause any further issues, this highlighted the fact that we can no longer get to the Yacht Haven as we are a couple of cm too wide.

This Yacht has go to the Yacht Haven as the boats having a vinyl wrap and needs to be indoors, so only solution is to drive the boat to QAB, remove the packing, lift off the transport into the water, sail to PYH and get lifted there, it also means we need to get the ropes fenders etc put diesel in the tank and pray the weather gods don’t provide a howling gale

We now can’t move until Monday 21st at 11am as that’s when the Police can come

I go to QAB to arrange a lift, I explain what’s happened and as I know they are fully booked appeal to them for the now vitally important nonexistent gap in the schedule

  Sorry says Graham yard manager, but the hoist is out for the week, it’s being striped and serviced all day Monday before an insurance survey Tuesday and other routine maintenance the rest of the week

After a small but nonetheless emotional breakdown and beer bribes, it’s agreed the boat can come to QAB sit there until the service is done on Monday and the survey is complete Tuesday and launch on the tide 1330 if all has gone ok or launch on the Wednesday if not cleared for use in time.

I went to PYH fearing the worst and thank goodness Ian has made it back to work albeit wobbling on crouches from his knee injury has agreed to do the lift Tuesday if we can get there and if not he will juggle things to get us indoors Wednesday.

Returning to the office to advise the transporters of my mini triumphs of logistics, they now advise that Jeanneau has closed early for the day we don’t know why and he won’t load until tomorrow.

I am unsure what else can possibly go wrong with what is normally a straight forward process but will keep you informed!!