Trafford Yachts

Warranty and After Sales

In a perfect world nothing would ever go wrong, however in the real world they can and they do!

Trafford yachts are totally dedicated to offering the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. All new boats come with a Jeanneau manufacturers guarantee that covers everything onboard the boats for a year and the hull decks and superstructures have up to 5 years cover.

Engines have 2 to 5 years cover and we work closely with main agents to commission and service the engines.

Richard Trafford has won the coveted Jeanneau dealer of the year award for customer satisfaction and has worked very closely with the Jeanneau after sales team based in Les Herbiers France headed up by Yvonne Kergris . Richard is always happy to help with any technical questions you have.

At Trafford yachts we have a fix first and claim later policy, this allows us to go straight to the issue and fix it without waiting for reports to be processed. In most cases we are able to get parts from the factory within 48hrs and many components are available locally as Jeanneau use market leading brands to build the boats

Our team of highly experienced experts can take on just about anything to do with the boat , they are high quality workmen who are used to working on new boats and so are used to taking the extra care to leave things as they found them when the job is done. In addition Jeanneau also have a quality system to be able to quickly react if they find an issue with a component that has been fitted to your boat.