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Jeanneau Used Boats

Jeanneau Used Boats

Here at Trafford Yachts we are specialists in all things Jeanneau , so if its a brand new Jeanneau or a  Jeanneau used boat your first port of call should be Trafford Yachts.

With over 45 combined years Jeanneau experience and with over 1,000 new Jeanneau boat sold new into the south west, we  can offer a thriving second hand market as people upgrade and move up through the Jeanneau ranges either power of sail.

With all those boats sold the likely hood is that every Jeanneau used boat we sell we have known since she was first splashed and have mostly looked after there annual maintenance.

Have a look through our Jeanneau used boat section and in the unlikely event what you are looking for is not there call us, we have boats coming in all the time.